Friday, January 22, 2016

Grade 5 students create Notices for Fund-Raising Events

One of the objectives in the Grade 5 English curriculum is for the students to learn how to create a notice. During their IT lesson throughout this scholastic year, and as a cross-curricular link to English, each class in this grade will be creating notices, using Microsoft Publisher, for the various fund-raising activities held at school. When complete they will print these notices and display them for all to see. This will definitely help them to own the activity and garnish more excitement for each event 

This initiative, which will tie in the learning experience of our grade 5 students to the various fund-raising activities was created by Ms. Gail, as HOD of English and Ms. Abigail, the ICT co-ordinator, in conjunction with The Fundraising Committee. 

Here are some samples of the notices created thus far.

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