Friday, April 27, 2012

Ancient China - The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac

The Ox

The Rooster

The Rat

The Snake

The Horse

The Goat

The Dragon

The Tiger

The Pig

The Monkey

The Dog

The Rabbit

Ancient Greece

This Website was created by the grade 6 students. They did their research and combined their results.

Our animated stories of Ancient Rome

The Romans By Andrew

The Doughnut Savior by Michele and Kurt

The Roman's Army By Gabi and Ella

Napoleon with Fred, George and Bob By Eloise, Hannah and Olivia

The strangest slug:   By Andre and Nicholas.GL

Spiders vs Romans   by Jamie and Benjamin

Romans vs Aliens by Matthew M and Alec

Romana by luca

The Attack on Rome Shaun.s,Gianluca,Gabrijel and Sean.c

the slave and the master By Nicola and Letizia

The Invasion by Weam

The Final by Jens & Michael

Reality and Beliefs by Julia and Sarah

The battle of the Romans by Zak and Jamie V

The Grand Tour by Maegan and Elena

Time Machine By Kristen

The blob and the man in Rome's forest By Liam and Lucas

The Roman Fighters by Maria and Caprice

Romans vs Spiders by Benjamin and Jamie V

Ditching School (Roman Times) by Alex, Andrew, Liam and Nick G
Yellow Rome?  BY Nicole and Emilie
Bees by Skye

The Romans BY Felix

The Roman Slave By Alexander

The Roman Sorrow by Adam and Mark

The Runaway by Francesca, Hannah and Amy

The Romans by Sarah and Katarina

The Roman by Anastasia

BY Michael and Jens

The adventure By Nick, Adriel and Luke

The adventure by Elisa