Friday, March 2, 2012

Project Challenge for Schools

In the Times Junior News last November 2011 there was a Project Challenge for Schools and a group of Grade 7 students took part.

 It is an initial project to introduce the Inter-School Competition that will be launched sometime in 2012. To take part in this competition participants need to have access to a LEGO Education Freewheeling set. To win one of these sets the editor asked students in schools and classes in Malta and Gozo to answer this question. 

How would using LEGO Education help with your studies and projects at school?

 I proudly say that our students managed to win a set for our school. Their answer was liked enough to be published in the Schools Edition of The Times Junior News in January.

Great work!
We now have the LEGO Education Freewheeling set and will start experimenting in preparation for the Inter-School Competition.

Accountants at Work!

Learning how to work around Microsoft Excel was a challenge for the Grade 6 students but they did a brilliant job!

They learnt the basic functions needed to use this program. They understood how to add data and work around it. They learnt what is a cell and that each cell contains alphanumeric text, numeric values, or formulas.  They managed to use and create simple formulas too. The program's ability to re-calculate the entire sheet automatically when edited was for the student "really cool!" 

Definitely a successful link to understanding queries and values in Maths. Spreadsheets have now replaced paper-based systems throughout the business world so why not prepare our future generation for it.

They worked on this program by calculated camping trips, a visit to the moon and many more events they came across! 

Well done!