Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Animation in Grade 7

The aim of this lesson was to create a Stop Motion Animation related to Christmas. They learnt how to plan well to be able to create this animated story. Using Monkey Jam, the Stop Motion Animation software, they brought their story to life. 

Enjoy the show!

Santa's Crisis by Emma, Anna, Lara and Ella

Santa's Visit by Frank, Matthias, Kurt and Claudio

Waka Waka Christmas Style by John ZT, Andrew, Zac, Alexander and Luke

You deserve It! by Michela, Louisa and Lara

Christmas Whale by Jerome, Ryan and Omar

A Wonderful Christmas by Alex, John V and Zakk

Christmas Day by Deborah and Cody

Christmas Olympics by Karl, Sean C and Sean B

Santa is Creepy by Zak, Jeremy, Alessandro and Nicholas

Twin Christmas by Claria, Maria and Francesca A

Creeper Claus By Justin,Sam and Joseph

Problems with a Star by Julia, Emma and Rasha

Santa Falls into a Chimney by Chanelle, Julia P, Aimee and Sophie

Santa Needs Exercise by Beppe, Jack, Alonso and Eric

Stuck in the Chimney by Jake, Peter, Simon and Harry