Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Object Based Program vs Paint Program in Grade 6

The students learnt about the difference between an object based program and a paint program. They drew a scene in both programs. 

Which is the best tool for the job?

They learnt how to:
Select and resize an image
Select appropriate tools to draw straight lines and geometric
Save their work in the pen drive

Samples below

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Maze Grade 6

Zues by Beppe

 Parthenon by Adam Karl's Maze Hercules Noah's Maze
  Luke's Maze
  Irina's Maze
  Seb's Maze
 Alex W's Maze
 Karl's Maze
Beppe P's Maze
 Vanessa's Maze
 Martina FS's Maze Yanica's Maze
 Emilja's Maze
 Hannah's Maze
 Bettina's Maze
 Carla D's Maze
 Simon's Maze
 Nina's Maze
 Robyn's Maze Steffi's Maze
 John's Maze
Giorgia's Maze
 Hanna's Maze
Charlotte's Maze Mohammed's Maze James' Maze John G's Maze Jake MM's Maze Gabriel's Maze Leah's Maze Luke MA's Maze Alex DG's Maze Cikki's Maze Ameen's Maze Nikoe's Maze Travis G's Maze Fraser's Maze Hera finds Zeus by Filippa Aphrodite Finds Hermes By Anna Ella BG's Maze Hannah M's Maze

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grade 7 Roman stories with Anithings

Romus and Remus More or Less
By David and Ben

Romus and Remus in Cave
by Finlay and Josh

The start of Romulus and Rem8us
By Andrea, Julian and Beppe

The Order
By Jordan

The Wolf Rescues Romulus and Remus
By Alan and Gianni

The adventure of Romulus and Remus
By James W

The Silly little boy by Neil C

The Boy who got sucked into the box by Nicky T

What came out of Pandora's box? By Ylenia and Raquel

Pandora and The box George and Paul

Pandora By Kris

Pandora Box by Jacob

The Box By Yazi and Emma M

Pandora's Box by Jonathan and Daniel

 The story of Romulus and Remus by Christina and Hannah
King Midas and the golden touch by Thomas and Luke

 Dionysus by Seb and Nick
 Dionysus By Sam and Isaac
 The Sirens by Rebecca
 King Midas and his golden daughter by Darro and Timothy
 The Sirens by Jamie
 Martina and Laura's Minator
 When the wolf found the babies by Victoria, Betsy and Nayana

The Minator By Ella S

 Midas and the golden touch by Jake
 Romulus and Remus by Carla

 The Sirens by Amelie B
 The Sirens by Ella and Katie
 Jake and Thomas Helen of Troy Battle

 Helen of Troy Part 1 by Saul , Miles and Miguel The Best Trojan play ever by Jack and Matthew Helen of troy by Ali and Jade The Irresponsible Bee By Nicola and Victoria Pandora's box by Sven One direction fail by Neil D
 The Monkey by Sean
 Pandora's box by Emma F and Felicity Helen of Troy Luca and Aiden

Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Visit to Intercomp - Grade 7

Our Grade 7 students where kindly invited to Intercomp to spent a morning understanding how their business functions. Two classes visited on one day and two classes on another day. This formed part of their IT topic - Identifying different types of computers and their main components as well as their Humanities topic - Industry. They observed every stage of the process of the business. From when the company receives the goods till when the goods are sold to the client and subsequent after sales service.

They viewed the logistic Department where they handle orders that are either sent to the shop, or delivered to large companies. Here they saw how a consignment from abroad is received and sorted ready to be delivered to the shops or businesses.

They had the chance to view the server room where they saw various components that make a computer work. 

They went to the retail outlet to view the products that are on sale.

 They also visited the Repair Department. Here they could see different types of computers being repaired. The technicians explained the fault and how they will repair them.

The students were given a complimentary healthy snack and gifts to round off a very enjoyable and informative morning. 

Thank you Intercomp for having us!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stop Motion Animation in Grade 5

The aim of this lesson is to create a Stop Motion Animation. They created a story using just paper. They learnt how to plan well to be able to create this animated story. Using Monkey Jam, the Stop Motion Animation software, they brought the story to life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Editing Images – Turn Yourself Into An Alien

The aim of this activity is to improve the student’s skills in a Graphic Program. They used complex tools to edit and arrange an image. They used a self portrait to create an alien. They used all the necessary tools to make this happen. Have a look at what they managed to create.