Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Newspaper Reports in Grade 5


Below are our San Anton School Mail reporters informing us about what could have happened to him.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Animation using Scratch by Grade 6

The aim of this lesson was to understand and learn how to use Scratch. This programming language makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. They learnt how to program Scratch independently. They worked out several activities that lead them to understanding how Scratch works. They related their project to Christmas. See them below.

Lots of Presents by Sam

 Bouncing Snowmen by Hannah M

Santa's Christmas Dance by Julian

Snowman of all Colours by Travis cm

 Yazmin's Christmas

Isaac's Christmas

Jamie's Christmas

 Christmas by Francesca

 Katrin's Christmas Snowman

Christmas by Kearby


Anna's Xmas


 Snowman by Michela


 Christmas Dance by Kelly


 Christmas Show by Ella BG

 Snowman by Matthea


 Christmas by Carla

  Christmas Street by Ella PB

 Fun Christmas made by Filippa Jamie's Christmas Hannah B's Christmas Beppe G's Christmas Edward's Jingle Bell Snowman Noah's Snow Christmas by Alexia Christmas by Irina Go Night by Beppe P

 Seb's SunglassesEmilja 's Christmas

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grade 6 students made short animated Videos related to Christmas

A Christmas meeting by Julian

Christmas by Anna

Christmas by Mattea

 merry Christmas. Alexia by Alexia

 how the men got dolls for Christmas LORNA.G

  Christmas by Rebecca

  boring grandparents by Bettina

  love after chistmas by Vanessa

  ha ha ha by Hannah

  merry Christmas yanica

  Blue Alien by Beppe  G


  happy christmas by marcus

  so what did you get for chistmas alex

  Funny Christmas Video by Noah

  merry chrismas ninja by karl grech

  The Mission by Edward

  christmas eve by Martina

  JUST JUST XMAS by Sebastian

  the prime-minister in Christmas by Adam

  Christmas by Emilja

  Christmas by Mattea

 yazmin zammmit

 the two youg best friends by Ella Pace Bonello


 hannah The present


  chrismas by katrin



  visit planet jubajuba!!! by luke rausi

  Christmas by Carla

  Fight over treasure by Michela

  Christmas on a deserted island by filippa

  Christmas party by ella bg


  Christmas by Anna

  merry Christmas martina spiteri

  Hannah's Christmas special


  A Christmas meeting


the chrisseys by john

  news day (Christmas) Steffi MS.Ann

  Christmas cookies by Robyn Farrugia

  nina and leah christmas show


  Snow attack (Simon)


Obama break in Mohammed

Luke.Christmas 2nd best day ever

  charlotte love in the air


  Gabriel sladden


What a Christmas Georgia



 Alex de Gabriele

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Working with a word processing Program in Grade 5

The students will continue working on a word processing program and apply the skills they have learnt last year. They will learn new skills like opening an existing document, editing the document and use tools like the copy and paste facility.This lesson has a cross curricular link to an English lesson done in class.

Document they will be working on

Children edit and use the necessary tools to complete this worksheet

Example of what is being done

Sample of worksheet when complete

Some of the finished work.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Multimedia Animated Stories in Grade 7

The aim of this activity is to introduce children to the benefits of using sound in multimedia presentations and to show them that this can be easily achieved. They will create a story and will be encouraged to create and record sounds to bring the story to life. This story they have to create has to be targeted for a young audience.

They are still at the planning stage. Inventing the story.

Recording our voices and making sound effects ....


Object Based vs Paint Package in Grade 6

The aim of this activity is to introduce the difference between a paint program and object-based program. They will understand the difference between these two programs by creating scenery with characters in it. They will learn to appreciate the difference between both programs and understand the advantages and limitations they hold.

Object Based Program Sample

Paint Program Sample

More to come!

Final Work on Display