Friday, February 17, 2012

Measuring The Distance!

Bee-bot time!

The grade 4 students this week were using the bee-bot to learn how to measure distances as a link to their maths lesson in class. They had to calculate the distance the bee-bot needs to travel to reach the desired destination.  A bee-bot moves accurately in 15cm steps every time they press the forward or back button and makes turns of 90° when they press the turn left or turn right button. They have to first calculate the distance with the bee bot ruler and than program it to travel the distance in one sequence. 

 Bee-bot confirms moves and commands with flashing eyes and signals the end of his programmed journey with "BEEP BEEP" sounds. They concentrated very much and were very successful!

Measuring the distance!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Viva Viva Il-Karnival!

Grade 5 students were working on editing images so why not go with the festive season and edit their own picture?

 Using their portrait taken during the lesson they edited it to disguise themselves into a character.

Will you manage to guess who is who?

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visiting London

During their English comprehension lesson the grade 7 students spoke about visiting London. They completed several exercises related to this subject and as a follow up the children created an on-line comic story. The cross-curricular link was a success and the children came up with some very creative stories. We have some funny ones too!
Grade 7s
By Michael
Visiting London
By Hannah

the names of towers
By Kristen and Jens

London tour
By Alexander

the day out
By Amy

By Sean C

by Andrew M

By Caprice

Vacation To Big Ben
By Hannah

By Sarah

I am visiting London
By Anastasia

By Gabrijel

Going to London
By Mark

By Letizia

By Felix

a trip to London
By Katarina


The Big Race
By Francesca

Tower of London
By Matthias

world cup in london

London Trip
By Weam

Visiting London
By Liam and Alex

By Adriel

Visiting london

Trip to London

visiting London

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Decorating your Bee-Bot LATEST UPDATE!

Do you remember the post called Decorate your bee-bot?

If not click here to refresh your memory!

Junior News of The Times of Malta had launched the decorate the bee-bot competition which stimulated the children to create these bee-bots.

They put their whole heart and soul in this activity and I proudly announce that they are the winners of this competition.

They did a splendid job and deserve to win. We had a full page spread on two editions to feature these bee-bot creations. Since the prize to this competition was to win a bee-bot we now have a new edition to our family of bee-bots.

Well done boys and girls of grade 5 you made us very proud!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Fans of the Ponds of Wonder novel from San Anton School, Malta used a computer paint program to draw their favourite character from the story. Here’s their work.

Well done to all who contributed!