Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love Reading Project: Creating Stories

This project was displayed during open day 2011 and was carried out by the
grade 4,5, 6 and 7students. They produced wonderful stories and evolved them
using technology. Different web2 application tools and software
programs were used to create their success!

Below is the whole project. 
Enjoy the Show!

The Display Boards

Showing how the students created the project.

Some of the scenes created by the grade 4 students who created their story using digital animaton.

Some of the scenes created by the grade 7 students who created their story using digital animaton.

Story Telling with a twist........Toys come alive in the Grade 4 Stories

Working in groups the children had to create a story. They thought hard and imagined all sorts of amazing stories. With the help of Digital Animation they managed to bring their stories to life. Using their toys and other useful resources they created wonderful projects.

 When the story was written and all was certain, they started creating the scenes using paper, pencils, playmobil playdough and many other useful material. They also brought toys from home. Find it all below.

Making the scenes for their stories

 Preparing for the Filming

The Final Product.......
Enjoy the show!
The Snow Out By Beppe, Laura, Daniel and Victoria

The Game By Thomas, Andrea and Sam

A Shark Tale By Finlay, Sven, Luke and Alan

The Giant Dog By Kate, Hannah, Racquel and Nayeli.

The Great Chase By Jonathan, Julian, Paul, Nick and Sebastian.

Puffle Round Up By Nicky, Jake, George and Timothy.

The Battle of the Dragon By Jacob, Miguel and Darro

The Fun Park by Emma, Nicola, Laura and Martina

The Two Princesses By Mattea, Luca, Amelie and Aiden

The Underwater Mystery By Ylenia, Christina and Katarina

Star Wars By Jack, Matthew, Isaac and David

Made by Jade, Saskia and Leanne

The Doliphin in the sea by Ana, Amelie and Ella

The Great Race By Jamie, Sean, Neil C and Neil D

The Princess and the Tower By Maria Pia, Alex, Lexie, Yazi and Nicole

A Day Out by Thomas, Miles, Gianni, Jake and Beppe

Little Red Riding Hood by Victoria, Betsy and Nayana

The Great Show By Felicity and Lara

The Little Mermaid by Emma, Mia Bella and Claudia

The Pirate Adventure By Kris, Johann, Jordan and Josh

Comic Fever in Grade 5

The Grade 5 students loved creating their own comic strip online…. no need to say more. 

Read them here.

The weddingthe datelionsCHELSEY,SAKURAThe RescueRaceRobbers looselook out!The boy who fellThe fall MY NEW SISTERbig daddyHAUNTED HOUSEFUN SEASONSThe Match the time mechineA trip to spacethe hungry bearthe boy world cup finalUNDER THE SEAmr.big wonts food!the pizzaTHE RUSHthe disaster.The ChampionsSWIMMING HOLIDAYA swimming dayLukeFlying in Spaceweird spacejeremyThe Football Match Space Friends stealingThe big examBest FriendsFinding FriendsSpace Friends Pizza by Alonso,JosephTwins Surprise Party

Sharing Stories Online in Grade 6 

The children created a story using an online collaborative story creator……. The final product can be printed, watched on screen, or shared through a worldwide library.

The Bully on Storybird
The 8 Eyed Monster on Storybird
Mugg Monster on Storybird
The Healthy Leopard on Storybird

Blobbi and Blobsi on Storybird
How Aliens Took Over The World on Storybird
BEST FRIENDS on Storybird
MONSTER BOND on Storybird
The Weird Detective on Storybird
Pinky The Dog on Storybird
The Singing Dog on Storybird
The Knight's Journey on Storybird
The Ice Girl on Storybird
Frank 's Adventure on Storybird
The Dog's Story on Storybird
The alien on Storybird
Purr and the Wizard on Storybird

PATCH AND PITCH on Storybird
The Silly Girl on Storybird
The monster Buddies on Storybird
The Gnome With Lots Of Pets on Storybird
The Messed Up World on Storybird
The Dangerous Dragon on Storybird
The Missing Dr.Fluffy on Storybird
The Blue Sun on Storybird
Alien Attack on Storybird

Cut, snip, draw and a story will 
unfold in Grade 7

They thought hard and they imagined well as a story was to be created using just paper, scissors, pencils, a web cam and a digital animated program. They managed to create a must see tale.
Making the scenes for the stories

The Filming

The final product was created......Enjoy the stories!

A Day at Sea by Tara, Mattea, Megan, Shaniah and Christina

Friends By Cristina, Lisa, Emma and Lara

Pirates Adventure By Shaun, Dirjan, Daniel, Brandon and Jack

Saturn By Ben, Valentin, Malcolm and Sean C

Spain vs Argentina By Sean D, Marcus, Wayne and Owen

Spic and Sparky By Mattea, Michela, Raquel and Kyra

Super Powers By Catherine, Jeva, Lisa and Sacha

Surf's Up By Graziella, Sana, Amy and Leah

The Great Siege of Malta By Juanita, Lian, Adrienne and Sam

The Orange Circus By Jake, Jack, Toma, Sean S and Luke

The Rescue By Hannah, Amy G, Nicole and Samantha

The Spy By Emmanuel, Josef, Liam, Christian and Karl

The unforeseen Adventure By Poppy, Lisa and Nina